Our goal for this website is that it will progress from tens to hundreds to thousands of memorial pages, for any people who have been lost in road crashes dating right back from the date you are reading this to the year in which automobiles were invented.

This might make it seem hard to navigate but the site is being built so that you can search for victims using a fairly wide set of search terms.

The biggest two of these come from the fact that we have a separate category for any law enforcement officers who have been killed in vehicular incidents, so straightaway you can separate all entries by putting one of the following in the SEARCH box:

  • civilian
  • law enforcement officer

Naturally, you may search for a person by name.

You may search for crashes by the year or by the state initials (although the full name of the state works better).

You can search for a whole range of other factors, including:

  • young
  • teen driver
  • drunk driver
  • distracted driver
  • intersection
  • crosswalk
  • ROTR (which stands for ‘ran off the road’)
  • …. and so on. If you think of something, try it!

Last but not least, don’t forget that you can put any combination of these search terms in the SEARCH box at one time. Just remember to put a comma between each one.


Memorial Pages are available free for any person who has been killed in a road crash in the USA at any time since the invention of the automobile. Please contact us if you would like us to create a page for your loved one, or to make a donation to help us with our important work.