James Dean, CA. September 30, 1955

In order to highlight the dangerous but very commonly-held belief that  ‘it will never happen to me,’ and the extreme irony of him having recently made a Public Service Announcement for the NSC, about the dangers of fast driving on highways (see final paragraph), our very first Memorial Page is purposefully dedicated to one of the most famous Americans ever to lose his life in a car crash — James Dean, 1931-1955.

James Dean, killed in a crash while undoubtedly speeding, 1955. (Wikimedia Commons)
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Lauren Rice, aged 38, IA. April 05, 2020

Lauren Rice was walking her dog on a sidewalk in the 1700 block of Beaver Avenue, Des Moines, IA, at around 8:13pm on April 05, 2020, when the driver of a speeding truck left the road, hit her and then fled the scene.

Lauren Rice, with her dog Holiday (Submitted photo).
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Evan Barnes, aged 18, OH. April 3, 2020

Around 1:40pm on Friday, April 3, 2020, high school junior Evan Barnes, was killed when a car crashed at the 9200 block of Indian Hill Road at the Indian Hill/Terrace Park line, Mariemont, OH.

Evan Barnes (submitted photo.)
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