Road Victims USA is part of the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Road Safety USA and exists to facilitate the hosting of permanent online memorial pages for anyone who has been killed on America’s roads at any point in time since automobiles were invented. These two bodies have separate websites.

Recent Additions to the Memorial Pages

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It is a sad but inescapable fact that in just the last 27 years (as at 2020) over one million American lives have been lost in road crashes and collisions in the USA. Since the invention of the automobile, the figure is several million, and — let us say that again — this is just in the USA.

One location on I-495 at Wrentham, MA, but two separate fatal crashes and memorials, one to Paul Rudecu jr., and the other, on top of the rock, to State Trooper Paul F. Barry. (Copyright image, 2017.)

For more than a century, it has been the norm to call the catastrophic number of such events “accidents,” but since around 1990 there has been a concerted effort to take that word accident out of the equation because the vast majority of road deaths can be avoided, and this makes the “a-word” both very misleading and counterproductive.

This website — Road Victims USA — is an extension of the work of the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Road Safety USA, initially by simply seeking to help publicise the true extent of this almost entirely unnecessary, massive loss of life, together with huge numbers of serious, life-changing injuries.

We Provide Memorial Pages for Anyone Killed in a US Crash

  • These pages are free and permanent. They are a very worthwhile addition for victims with roadside crosses or transient memorials such as Facebook posts.
  • They are here for anyone whose life has been lost in a road vehicle collision at any time since the automobile was invented (including vehicular incidents on private ground, such as parking lots and driveways).
Another tragic location with memorials from two separate fatal crashes — look on the far side of the road. Illinois. (Copyright image, 2012.)

Finding Existing Memorial Pages

Please be aware that in the early months of this new website (started in mid-April, 2020) a lot of our earlier Memorial Pages will still be located in our parent website, and may be searched there. Eventually, all of them will be transferred into this website.

To FIND existing Memorial Pages in this new website, you may Search (at the top, right corner of any page) by your loved one’s name, by the full date (or month and year) of the crash, by the State, by the words “civilian” or “law enforcement,” or any combination of these categories. (Please be aware that if you use “Archives” rather than a “Search,” you will be shown all of the Memorial Pages that were posted in that month which will quite possibly not give you what you are looking for.)

Creating a New ‘Memorial Page’ for Your Own Loved One

If you have a loved one or dear friend for whom you would like to create a Road Victims USA Memorial Page, please see our Guidelines then Contact Us. All we need is information — including some about the “real person,” not just the tragedy that stole them away — and photographs. Unless you wish to write the page yourself, we will willingly do that part for you, together with the layout of the page.

Articles and Discussions about General Road Safety Issues

If you are looking for posts and articles about important highway safety issues, please go to our “parent” website, at Road Safety USA.