Tim & Bridget O’Donnell – NJ – February 22, 2016

Around 3:19pm on Monday, February 22, 2016, Tim O’Donnell and his five-year old daughter Bridget (“Bridie”) were in their Chevy Malibu, heading home, when they stopped at the NJ toll plaza to get a ticket.

Tim and Bridget O’Donnell

While they were at the toll, a two-door Mercedes Benz that had come through the Holland Tunnel from Lower Manhattan came up the ramp to the toll booth, still doing an estimated 55mph, despite the speed limit being just 5mph. This second car failed to stop and slammed into Tim’s car from behind, ramming it forwards into oncoming traffic.

A little angel known to family and friends as Bridie

In this double tragedy, Tim was declared dead at the scene and Bridget was declared dead when she arrived at hospital by ambulance.

Tim and Pam O’Donnell

Tim’s wife Pam describes him as ‘a beloved husband, father and teacher,’ who was ‘a big man who had an even bigger personality but in a more subtle and quiet way. He was a “man for others,” as was the creed to live by at St. Peter’s Prep, the Jesuit high school he attended. There is not a person you could find that knew him who could say anything bad about him.’

The driver who caused the crash, Scott M. Hahn, allegedly admitted to police at the scene of the crash that he had taken 10 Adderall pills and had been awake for over 24 hours. He was taken to hospital, where he tested positive for methamphetamine, GHB, and amphetamines.

According to the Department of Corrections record, Hahn was sentenced on May 23, 2019, to be imprisoned for 34 years, with parole not possible until May 5, 2043, on two counts of aggravated manslaughter, and two counts of CDS/possession.

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SOURCE: Pam O’Donnell

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