LEO – Chief Terry Engle, IL. April 11, 2020

Hampton Police Chief Terry Engle, 57 years old, died in a car crash Saturday evening, April 11, 2020.

Chief Terry Engle

The chief was allegedly responding to a 911 call in an unmarked vehicle, and while it is still unclear at this time, it appears as if it may have been in his personal vehicle.

The crash occurred around 6:45pm, on Illinois Route 84, northbound at 180th Street North.  Chief Engle’s vehicle is said to have veered off the road for and hit a tree.  The cause of death was said to be multiple traumatic injuries.

The crash apparently occurred near the letters ‘te’ in the word ‘route’.

Chief Engle served in the law enforcement community for about 35 years. He started as a part-time patrol officer at BlackHawk College and worked his way up to lieutenant. He resigned in 2018 but was hired back as police chief last October.

He was also credited previously for saving a young woman’s life when that woman was approached by her ex-boyfriend who was yelling and brandishing a shotgun.  [Read more on this here.]


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